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About the Program

I Love Teaching this Program!!!!!

We meet once a week from 7-9.   In 2020, I moved this offering online due to COVID and it is such a wonderful way to learn. 

No driving, just show up to your computer!

 The students create such a bond as we go through the healing journey together.  Each class has a new concept to learn and then we practice reading and healing each other!! We laugh and have such a great time!

In this way, the students learn to trust their own intuition, and to stand strong in their power!!  It is great for all ages and levels of students. Some are professional readers and healers, some are brand new and just plan to use the tools to get clarity and healing for themselves!!  

The cost is $599.00for the 3 months!!

Payment Plans Available

Testimonies from Students:

“It was through Cathleen's class that I was able to step even more into my own power, into following my own intuition even better. Learning more tools to connect with myself and become a stronger practitioner and step into my roll of guiding others. Not only was the coursework helpful, connecting with her and the other women each week was ​pure magic. I look forward to working with Cathleen in the future and growing even more through her guidance.” - LS

I was already an experienced "Reader and Healer" when I was attracted to Cathleen's class. I learned so much from Cathleen's excellent teaching methods, her wisdom, and her knowledge.  Lasting friendships formed with kindred spirits is such an added bonus! I totally endorse Cathleenm​ as

a teacher as well as a beautifully gracious and Spiritual Healer.   In deepest Gratitude and joy that I took her class!

 - NM

What a wonderful experience! Cathleen is a gifted teacher. I grew spiritually and emotionally so much. Learning how to read was a huge bonus on top of getting to know an amazing group of women that I know we will always be connected.  -LB

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