Love and Blessings

Spiritual Healing and Wellness


"I met Cathleen a few years ago. She has a healing touch with clearing out your aura and chakras. Her healing helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She taught me useful tools in meditation and holistic healing which I use daily. I highly recommend working with Cathleen" - Lizbeth

"Working with Cathleen was a wonderful privilege. Throughout all my interactions with Cathleen, I felt surrounded by love. In session, Cathleen guided me into the spaces that were ready to be healed and released. Witnessing her intuitive knowing was not only personally validating, but also incredibly cathartic. Her grounded presence secured an atmosphere of safety and acceptance." - MB

Helping You Find Inner Peace

We are spiritual beings. So often, we forget who we are and get caught up in life’s struggles and stresses.

Here at Love and Blessings our soul reading sessions guide you back to the silence within so that you can realize your divine place in the world. Most of all, you will feel centered and more at peace with your life. As your guide, I can walk you through some of the stepping stones in your path.

About Cathleen Hylton

My journey has been filled with numerous struggles. With time and prayer, each of them was healed and made into blessings. The sessions I do are my way of sharing the wonderful life which you are destined to have.

I have more than 30 years of experience working with all types of people. My communication style is compassionate, loving, and direct. I love watching as my clients wake up to their divinity.

My Privacy Policy:

When a client comes to me for healing work, I provide a safe space for them to speak what is in their heart. I belive this safe space is sacred and crucial for the healing process. There has to be trust.

I commit to keeping the conversations held in healing sessions or consultations confidential.

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