Love and Blessings

Spiritual Healing and Wellness


Spiritual Reading and Soul Coaching Sessions

A reading and healing session will help you to gain clarity and a deeper understanding of yourself. I work with great people who have been hurt by life and love or just need some direction.

My clients are guided to to heal and have a fantastic life based on their truth.

Life/Aura Reading

 In my sessions, I tune into your energy field and help you to identify blocks and gain clarity in your life. This validates your struggles and may confirm that your actions are in line with your life's purpose.

Support from friends and family may not always be enough to restore confidence in your future or heal regret from your past. Things like anxiety and high emotions may temporarily subside and make room for a feeling of stability that may last hours or even weeks after your reading.

You may feel as if someone has drawn back the curtains or reached out to let you know you’ll be okay. this can be calming and rejuvenating, inviting you to slow down while giving you an energetic push to manifest the things you desire.

Cost: 150.00 for an hour session

80.00 for a 1/2 hour session

Soul Coaching

   This is for you if you have what seems like an unsolvable issue in your life.

Often times our faith in life is clouded by a limited view of what is practical or feasible in the current moment. Especially when we are uncertain or facing adversity, it can be very difficult to consider or believe in creative solutions to our problems.

You may feel like you’re out of options! These sessions will help you refocus and get your own answers!

This is a total of 3 sessions

along with work to do on your own to achieve your goal

  • We start with an hour session to tune into your issues and blocks. You will receive guidance and healing, as well as exercises to help with your healing that you will do in your own time.
  • There are two follow up appointments to continue the healing process.
  • I will also be in touch in between sessions to check in on your progress.

Cost: 450.00 for the package

Soul Counseling and More

My goal is to help you with what you need.

If you are not sure, we can discuss and create an offering that will work for you!

This may be a series of readings or even some Soul Counseling. The counseling would be an ongoing plan that we would set up until you reach your goal.

Cost: TBD